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What makes SunDaze cocktails unique?

C’mon, ask us something difficult!

What makes SunDaze ready-to-drink cocktails so different and so DE-lish is how we make them: with our exclusive fermentation process. We can turn something as simple as fruit juice into a refreshing, lower alcohol (6.0% ALC/VOL) social drink, and we’re the only cocktail brand that makes juice cocktails this way.

What are the SunDaze flavors?

Right now our current cocktails are inspired by the perfection of Valencia oranges. We’ve got an aromatic Botanical cocktail with rosemary and ginger. Next is our Classic – the simplest and purest citrus juice cocktail around. Then there’s Spicy, our naughty SunDaze with the subtle kick of jalapeño chile.

And we’re not stopping with citrus, but give us some time to create! We’re at work now transforming other fruit juices into SunDaze cocktails, so expect more flavors and innovation as we perfect them.

Tell me about SunDaze’s sugar level and calories.

Despite being made with fruit juice, a 12 fl. oz. can of SunDaze has just 7 grams of sugar. And it’s actually 40-50% fewer calories in a SunDaze than a freshly-made orange juice cocktail of the same size! SunDaze’s 140 calories per can is based on alcohol content. (Every 5% ABV equates to around 100 calories.)

When should I enjoy SunDaze?

You’re making these questions too easy! Sip (or pound) a SunDaze in place of your regular evening cocktail, with a meal (our Spicy is brilliant with Chinese take-out), or toasting with friends and family at high noon or sunset. SunDaze is as versatile a social drink as the social occasions you’ll find yourself in.

Where can I get hooked up with SunDaze?

SunDaze is sold in California, Texas and online shipping to 30 states. Visit our store locator ("Where to Buy") for retailers near you. Or email us for details:

This isn’t a mimosa, is it?

It’s a hard no to that, but some people will compare it to one because a mimosa is such an iconic citrus cocktail. But SunDaze is something quite different because we don’t use champagne or sparkling wine. SunDaze is a deceptively simple cocktail made with a natural fermentation process that creates a deliciously sophisticated alcoholic beverage.

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