Only SunDaze tastes and refreshes like SunDaze.

Why? Because only SunDaze’s formulation, a natural fermentation process exclusive to our brand, transforms delicious fruit juice into an even more DE-lish cocktail.

We also won an industry award for our drinks. Go figure.

Shhhh. SunDaze has a secret formula.

Starting with high quality juice, the SunDaze “secret formula” turns the juice and its naturally-occurring sugar into modern alcoholic refreshment, with low sugar (just 7 grams of sugar per 12 oz serving).

SunDaze co-founder and head of innovation

Juan Diego Cordón Toledano

We call him Juan for short, because he has a long-ass name.  Juan hails from Spain, is a food biotech nerd and one of the most innovative minds working in food & beverage today. He spent three years perfecting the unique fermentation process that would lead to the creation of SunDaze cocktails.​

But those cocktails needed a brand to come to life. That’s where this guy comes in.

SunDaze co-founder and CEO

Arthur Gallego

His surname is Spanish like Juan Diego’s, but he’s actually Filipino-American. (Both co-founders enjoy swearing in Spanish.) Gallego created the SunDaze brand and aesthetic, rich in design and informed by art and the energy of Southern California, to match the sophisticated simplicity of the cocktail inside every can.

Arthur is a long-time, recognized beverage industry expert who has helped mastermind the success of the most iconic brands in grocery stores today. He loves a good cocktail. And his Frenchie’s name is George.